台灣神經調節學會 台北巿中正區館前路49號11樓 $ 02-2370-0997 台灣神經調節學會(TNMS)是一個結合臨床醫師、物理治療師、科學家與工程師的非營利團體。2007年12月16日成立,致力於發展及推動神經調節相關概念。學會將藉由定期舉辦學術會議,建立一個學術交流平台,來提供神經調節相關教育以及醫療個案經驗分享的溝通管道。 學會宗旨: 為促進神經調節醫學學術研究與發展,加強與國內外相關中西醫學之交流,以發揚神經調節醫學為宗旨。 學會任務:提升神經調節醫學教育品質、醫療服務、學術研究及技術儀器之開發。 舉辦神經調節醫學之學術演講及研討會。 舉辦神經調節醫學之教育訓練課程與認證。 發表神經調節醫學之學術論文,並出版神經調節醫學之刊物。 參加國內外神經調節醫學與現代醫學、傳統醫學之學術活動,加強國內外相關團體之聯繫與合作。 其他有關之神經調節醫學發展事項。 Taiwan Neuromodulation Society (TNMS) is a non-profit group of clinicians, physical therapists, scientists and engineers dedicated to the scientific development and awareness of neuromodulation. Founded on December 16th , 2007 and based in Taipei, the TNS educates and advances the basic and clinical science of the field of neuromodulation through academic meetings and clinical case reports.GOAL:The goal of Taiwan Neuromodulation Society (TNS) is to promote the development of therapeutic neuromodulation at a clinical and scientific level. The major focus of this Society is to promote and achieve higher standards of clinical and scientific investigation through the exchange of knowledge by organizing regular scientific meetings, clinical case reports and publishing the outstanding research findings to the international academic journal. In addition, the society is also to build a plate to collaborate and communicate within and between working groups in the fields of Chinese traditional medicine and Western medicine by the exchange of the clinical experiences and medical therapy technology. TASK:1.Improve the quality of education, medical service, academic research and development of technology devices of the neuromodulation medicine. 2.Holding the academic lecture and symposium of the neuromodulation medicine.3.Running the education lessons and certification lessons of the neuromodulation medicine.4.Publish the academic study to the international journal and to publish our journal of the neuromodulation medicine.5.Participate in the international or national academic activity of neuromodulation medicine, current medicine and traditional medicine, and to cooperate and communicate with other international or national research groups.6.Other developmental task about the neuromodulation medicine.




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